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Funded Projects
Graduate Student Supervision

Funded Projects

External Funded Research (2010-2012). An Exploration of workplace Experiences of People with Multiple Sclerosis (MS): A Qualitative Study.’ Professor Margaret H. Vickers. Total External Cash $32,270; Total Budget $66,788.  

UWS Professional Development Program PDP (2009): ‘Life and Work with Multiple Sclerosis (MS): An Exploration of Workplace Experiences’, Professor Margaret Vickers, Total Cash $5,000.

International Research Initiatives Scheme (IRIS) Grant (2008), ‘Perspectives of Employers on the Disabled Workforce: Encouraging an Australian Study’ Ass Professor Margaret Vickers, US, Ass Professor Brigida Hernandez, Department of Psychology, DePaul University, Chicago, and  Ass Professor Katherine McDonald, Department of Psychology, Portland State University, Portland Oregon. Total External Cash $4,130; Total Internal Funds $18,200. 

 Australian Research Council (ARC) Linkage Grant (2006-2008), ‘Surviving and thriving in the face of workplace adversity: An intervention to develop personal resilience in nurses and midwives’, with Professor Debra Jackson, Associate Professor Margaret Vickers, and Professor Lesley Wilkes, UWS, with PIs M Clarke and M Drum, Nepean Hospital, Sydney West Area Health Service, Total Cash $ 88,950; Total Budget $413,238. 

Australian Research Council (ARC) Linkage Grant (2005-2007) 'Working Parents of Children with Chronic Illness: A National Study'. Lead Investigator: Associate Professor Margaret H Vickers, Professor Lesley Wilkes (UWS) and Partner Investigator, Dr Belinda Barton, Children's Hospital Education and Research Institute (CHERI). Total Cash $87, 829; Total Budget $270, 379.

International Research Initiatives Scheme (IRIS) (2005); "Bullying in the Workplace: A Survey of Nurses in the State of Florida, USA", Total Cash $17,846 (External funds: $7,150 = US $5,000). Leading a Team: Associate Professor Margaret H. Vickers; Professor Lesley Wilkes, Professor Debra Jackson, and Partner Investigators Dr Donna Malvey and Professor Myron Fottler, University of Central Florida.

Trauma Research International Pty Ltd (2004-2005), externally funded grant for project: 'Living and Working with MS: Why People with MS are Leaving Work', funded by Trauma Research International Pty Ltd, Total Cash $13, 785.

Australian Research Council (ARC) Linkage Grant (2003-2006): 'Bullying in the Workplace: A Study of Australian Nurses', Lead investigator of team of 7: Associate Professor Margaret H. Vickers, Professor Debra Jackson, Professor Lesley Wilkes, Ms Marie Hutchinson, University of Western Sydney; Total Cash $84,099; Total Budget $430,198.

UWS Research Partnerships Program (2003): 'Working Parents of Children with Chronic Illness/Disability: Working, Caring and Surviving.' Partnership between the Children's Hospital Education and Research Institute (CHERI), Trauma Research International Pty Ltd, and UWS. Project successfully completed in 2003. Total Cash $18,682.

UWS Internal Grant, Professional Development Program (2004). Funding to support the development of two exploratory projects: (1) "Memoirs of the Disposed Of: Senior Executives Journey through Redundancy", and (2)"Living and Working with Multiple Sclerosis (MS): Experiences from the Workplace".  Total Cash $5,000.

UWS Nepean, Professional Development Program (2000). Funding to support writing of research monograph during Academic Study Leave: 'Work and unseen chronic illness: silent voices. Total Cash $5,000.

Nepean Postgraduate Research Award Scheme (1995-1996): PhD scholarship stipend received to finish the project 'Life and Work with Invisible Chronic Illness: A Qualitative, Exploratory, Heideggerian Phenomenological Study'. Total Cash $29,738.

Student Conference Scholarship (1996). 'Disclosure of Invisible Chronic Illness (ICI) in the Workplace: an Unseen, Unspoken, Unrecognized Organizational Dilemma', paper presented at the Australian and New Zealand Academy of Management (ANZAM) 1996 Conference, December 4-7, University of Wollongong. Total Cash $500.

Staff Conference Scholarship Program (1994). 'Technological Solutions for Those With Chronic Illness in the Workplace:  Utopia, Panacea or Myopia?'. Paper presented at the The Association of Management Conference, Dallas, Texas, August, 1994. Refereed paper published. Total Cash $1700.


Graduate Student Supervision

DSc (Higher Doctorate) – Completed

High Intensity Laser Plasma Interactions and Applications to Inertial Fusion and High Energy Density Physics, Principal Supervisor. This is historic for UWS as this is first DSc candidate admitted for examination.


Phd Projects – Current

Support Needs of Working Parents of Children with Chronic Illness (ARC Linkage Project).

Bullying in the Workplace: A Study of Australian Nurses (ARC Linkage Project).


PhD Projects - Completed

Medicine, Money and Madness: Conversations with Psychiatrists - A Postmodern Perspective, Graduated September 2004.

Managing in the Middle: A Phenomenological Study of the Middle Manager's experience of the effect of work on home life.


Master of Commerce (Hons) - Completed

The Individual Experience within a Work Team, Graduated May 2003.

Policy Formulation and the Limits of Plausibility, Graduated October 2002.


Bachelor of Management (Hons) - Completed

The Experience of Working in Retail: An Auto-Ethnography. Award of H2.1, September 2005. 

Journey to the Workplace: A Phenomenological Study of the Experiences of Business Graduates, Graduated with H1, April 2002.

Emotions as a Strategic Game in a Hostile Workplace: A Phenomenological Study, Graduated with H1, April 2002.

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